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The OTIS Foundation Breast Cancer Retreats

The OTIS Foundation

The Otis Foundation holds a special place in the heart of the founder of Veruca & Salt. One of her dearest friends and most prominent supporters, Karlee, benefitted from this fabulous charity. They stayed at one of Otis’s retreat properties on one of the last weekends they spent together before Karlee passed away.

This charity provides beautiful accommodation for women with breast cancer, their families, and friends, so they can get away from it and relish time with their loved ones. Hundreds of people take advantage of this fantastic gift annually, which gives them the time and space to create cherished memories.

Veruca & Salt pledge 2.5% of their profits annually to this organisation to help support the exceptional work they do.

Ethically Sourced Products

Veruca & Salt aim to bring the best ethically sourced products to its customers. To the best of our ability, we support small scale manufacturers and local artisans while also seeking to protect the environment and boycott products that exploit workers or the world at large. We believe in integrity, so how can we sell things to illuminate your life if they originate in darkness and destruction?

Sustainable packaging

We've thought about how we can make our entire process as sustainable as possible. We didn't want to put so much care into the selection of our products and then fall down with what we wrap and send them in.

We researched around several brands in Australia and are confident the recycled materials we have selected are as good to the environemnt as they can be.

Employees Donate Time

Veruca & Salt encourage their employees to take paid leave to help at a charity of their choosing. We love giving time off to give back, plus it is an incredible source of bonding that brings us closer as a team. Given our values, we attract employees who are enthusiastic about giving back.

Dress For Success

A global, not-for-profit organization that empowers women to succeed, Dress for Success, hits all the principles that we embody at Veruca & Salt. We are more than happy to donate clothes to help this cause. This organisation supports women in dressing professionally for job interviews and provides a network of support and self-development for them to thrive both personally and professionally.

It was started in 1997 in New York, but its influence now spans the globe with outlets in 150 cities in 25 countries. Since it began, Dress for Success has supported more than 1.2 million women throughout the world, and Veruca & Salt hope to help them to assist many more!